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About Us

The hope and purpose of the LH2™ Blog is to connect a community whose goal is to merge and balance holistic, wholesome living with busy schedules – and do it with ease.  Many often shrug off the thought of tackling every aspect of life with typical misconceptions like it takes entirely too much time to make a connection with all points of life or that its best to leave things as they are to work themselves out. LH2™, while understanding why many would draw these conclusions, believes that it’s worth making an effort to balance all life aspects.  It is certainly not a brisk walk in the park, but it does begin to feel that way once the work gets started.  And there are rewards waiting from the beginning that encourage one to keep up the good work! 

Imagine life as a spinning wheel.  A wheel is but a circle and a circle is a series of connected points.  In order to be a perfect circle (and a working wheel) all of those points must be a specific distance away from the center of the circle.  If each of these points were considered as areas of life (Friends and Family, Finances and relationship to it, Personal and Spiritual Growth, etc), it is clear that they must all meet the same scale to form the working wheel.  So there are benefits to putting in the effort to all areas of life and finding a confidence about them that allows ones life wheel to spin smoothly.  Sure, a working wheel doesn’t guarantee that the road won’t have potholes, but it certainly makes for a smother ride in between the imperfections on the path!

 LH2™ would like to be thought of as a blog that is a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted launching pad towards higher standards of living in the areas of health and wellness.  As an extension of High Quality Organic Skincare LLC (natural, organic body care products for the entire family), it would like to add more to your experience with healthier skin. HqO was created to fill the void amongst skin care products that are laced with unpronounceable, mysterious ingredients.  HqO products are formulated to NATURALLY control skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris, eczema, over dry skin, and even the scalp.  LH2™ and HqO, as a team, wants to help you keep your life wheel balanced.  And they want YOUR help too! Here your insights are more than welcome and appreciated, as this is a conversation. And that conversation would be incomplete without words from the audience.

 You will also see product, company, and people features on the blog. LH2™ wants shine light on the entities that help to build up our communities and speak to a lifestyle of excellence in health and wellness.

See you in the blogs-

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