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New H4HA Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 1, 2012

We first learned of Hairless 4 Her Awareness in the wonderful world of Social Media earlier this year. The passion and creativity of Turquoise Johnson both impressed and touched us so much so that we feel her organization should be applauded for their efforts.

The last time we talked you were gearing up for your new campaign. How did it go and how has your organization changed since then?

Riperton's hit album, Perfect Angel (1974)

Minnie Riperton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems like such a long time ago since we last talked because so much a has happened. We Launched “SAVE THE WOMEN NOT THE BOOBIES” this past July. We never do things in this organization that does not mean something. In July 1979, Minnie Riperton lost her battle with Breast Cancer; it was very important for me to release the pictures during that month in honor of her and who she was as a wife and mother. The name of this campaign came from me volunteering and consistently hearing “Save the Boobies”,  “Save The TaTa’s”, and I would get frustrated because the women I knew who passed from breast cancer would have given their breast for their life. Its 2012 we can buy breasts.

I remember the campaign being eye-catching and eye-opening. Do you feel it was well received?
In everything that people do there is always a start to their finish line. And I think those first photos were the beginning to what has yet happened for the organization. Many people had their opinions, but I always knew that in my heart this organization was/is destined to help people understand the realistic side of Breast Cancer

Well said. So now there is a new campaign going, with a new focus. What inspired the new theme? How did you choose the models?
It is very funny you should mention that. I had the name of the campaign for months in my head but I didn’t know how to release it. I happen to be on the phone with a friend of mine, Ms. Vanessa Freeman. We were going back and forth about how to get this message out to the world in such a way that people would understand. So at the same time we both said “Caution Tape!”. But my next thought was I can’t use yellow caution it would not make sense. So we got it made and still after I ordered this tape I still had no idea it would work until the morning of the shoot. Myself and my production team cast the models. I wanted models that would understand the message we were sending and also we wanted beautiful women that looked different from one another. Some of the models were thin, short,  tall, and plus size – it didn’t matter to us at all.

What do you want the public to take away from H4HA with the new push?
I just want this push to put this organization in a category of its own. What is happening with this organization is something totality different from any other cancer campaign that we have seen. We want people to see that we have our own way of sending out a message that has not been done before.

We truly admire the work you are doing through H4HA. How can we and others help the Cause?
To help, everyone must promote Breast Cancer Awareness outside of October. Volunteer with other local Breast Cancer organizations in your area. If women are 35 and older get your mammogram, yes there have been stories that the mammogram didn’t see the lump, but still go and get it. Also continue to support H4HA,Inc and what we are trying to do.
What are your top 3 beauty tips for those going through chemotherapy?
Eye shadow can always enhance beauty, natural skin tone colors with a little pop is a great idea. Eyelashes can also take away from the fact that there are no eyebrows. Last but not least, a nice lipstick or lip gloss is also great, more colorful.  Lipsticks are in style now.

 To support Hairless 4 Here Awareness, visit their site:
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