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Yes, Juicing is for Everyone

September 30, 2012


Smoothie og kaffe

Smoothie og kaffe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After completing a round of antibiotics and eating absolutely everything I’ve wanted for the past several months, I decided it was time to detox my body. But first let me say it wasn’t that cut and dry-my body was definitely giving me clues that it was time to do something. I began to feel sluggish, couldn’t get up in the morning, my joints hurts, my skin was looking drab, and my hair started breaking and shedding. Not a good look.


So on last Wednesday, after visiting the best chiropractor in Buckhead, I trekked over to Arden’s Garden. I’ve been threatening to try their 2-Day Detox and decided that ‘today was the day’. As I opened the door, the persistent fragrance of wheatgrass filled my nostrils. If you haven’t had a shot of wheatgrass, you should try it. I ordered my organic smoothie of blueberries, mango, and peaches, with a splash of ginger and grabbed the 2-gallon set of Citrus 2-Day Detox. Oh, I almost forgot, I  also purchased a bottle of Beware of Pear. I had no idea of the cleansing effects of pear juice, but I know now! 


The plan – start that afternoon with my smoothie and end the day with the first glass of 2-day detox and plenty of purified water in between. That night I went to bed with an excruciating headache. I didn’t take anything for it though, I just willed myself to relax and rest. I did get up a couple of times to use the bathroom, but for the most part I slept ok and woke up refreshed. This surprised me, I thought I would wake up feeling groggy and tired.


So on Thursday, I drank 16oz every 2 hours or so at work again with water in between. And if you’re thinking I had to go to the restroom a lot, you’re absolutely right. Man, I thought I wouldn’t stop going. But I did feel good, and I wasn’t hungry-another pleasant surprise. One thing that wasn’t so pleasant is that food smells were very intense; I didn’t expect that at all. So for lunch, I took a slow walk around outside-the weather was gorgeous. A slow walk because during a detox or fast, you don’t to exert too much energy. You could become light-headed and have a fainting spell. When I got home, I just took it easy (as easy as I could with 2 boys and a hubby) and continued with the juice. No headache.


Friday posed a special issue, I forgot that we had a colleague coming in from out of town. Lunch was unavoidable. Thankfully, there was chicken soup on the menu. So I had that and a garden salad. The rest of the day went on without a hitch. I felt fine and decided to add Saturday morning/afternoon to the plan-along with more pear juice. And because my boys are fighting colds, I gave them an ounce of the citrus detox mixed with the pear juice along with their vitamins-good stuff.

Overall, I feel really good and will incorporate a juice fast in my life on a regular basis. I guess I should also mention that I lost about 6lbs in 2.5 days. But this is just water weight, and I do not recommend this as a viable way to lose weight.At LH2, we promote healthy living. If your goal is to lose weight, please consider lifestyle changes in food choices and exercise.


~Live Healthy. Look Healthy.



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