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My New Best Friend

May 11, 2012

I don’t know what it is about turning 30 something, but it seems like everything  is going south. My skin, my hair, my body, my memory – I mean really! And quite frankly, I’m a little upset about it. Or more truthfully – scared. For me, it’s a constant battle inside my head reminding myself that people can still accomplish some extraordinary things, even after 30  35 (ahem). Just last night I saw this video that touched me deeply and inspired me to do better. And not only to do better, but to be more consistent.

One of the issues that I’ve struggled with for the past couple of years is lower back pain. I’ve been to the doctor several times, the best chiropractor in the Atlanta, and the best massage therapist too. And I have found that they all work TOGETHER. Now my doctor (like most) is an expert at treating symptoms with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. These are fine because while you’re in pain you still have to be functional. Work doesn’t stop, husband and kids don’t stop, and we have to keep living.  Next, going to Dr. Jordan Lunday opened my eyes to the world of chiropractic care. True chiropractic care involves not only your bones, but also muscles. After all, our muscles are attached to our bones. How can you treat one without the other? Which leads me to Renel Jenkins, my fantastic friend and massage therapist.

In seeing these key people for the treatment of my lower back issues I’ve learned so much. Like the number of muscles that affect the condition of the back (hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads). The stretching of these muscles go along way in relieving back tension. And don’t get me started on core strength. You absolutely can not maintain solid back muscles without adequate core strength. Then consider this, how do you work? How is your workstation set up? Are you hunched over most of your day? In your car stuck in traffic for long stretches of time?

So who is my best friend? And what do they have to do with all of this? My friend is actually called a foam roller. Or as I like to say, the poor woman’s massage therapist. My chiropractor told me about this simple piece of equipment several years ago, and I finally got myself up and bought one. And let me tell you, it’s changed my life. Even with consistent medical/chiropractic care and massage therapy I still had this nagging remnant of pain. But when I bought my buddy here, it was the icing on the cake – NO MORE PAIN. I have included my foam roller into my exercise routine as it loosens knots in the legs, thighs, back and arms and adjusts your spine. All of that for about $15, and you may find one in Ross for even cheaper.

So, if you have lower back pain and want some relief, go ahead and buy one. I dare you. The roller comes with an illustrated exercise sheet or just simply go to YouTube  and search for foam roller exercises. The exercises are not hard either. But you can’t be lazy and must be able to take a little pain. Those knots do hurt when pressure is applied.

If you’ve experienced any of this tell us about. In the meantime…

~Live Healthy. Look Healthy.


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