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A Taste of Heaven

May 2, 2012

You probably have figured out by now that I’m a sucker for a good snack. Every time I get a taste of something phenomenal I just have to share it – all good things are meant to share (to a certain degree).  So my newest obsession was introduced to me by one of my partners in crime,  The Young Jedi Knight himself. I can always tell when he has had a profound experience – his eyes light up, his speech  speeds up and there’s a pep in his step. When I see these 3 things, I sit up and pay attention.

One day after lunch YJK walks in and starts to describe what has to be the BEST doughnuts in Atlanta. Nope, not Krispy Kreme and certainly not Dunkin Donuts. These doughnuts are cakey, not doughy. They have substance, yet still light. I mean, have you ever tasted something so good that you closed your eyes so that you could focus on each morsel, not wanting to miss a bit of flavor? Yes, these doughnuts taste like Sunday afternoon at Grandma’s house.

The cute little doughnut shop I’m raving over is called Sarah Donuts, a family-owned business whose expertise is definitely baking delectable treats. There are several flavors to choose from, including the sainted red velvet doughnut – YUM!

So the next time you’re in the mood for something fantastic, trot over to Jimmy Carter Blvd, right next to Five Guys to get a taste of heaven at Sarah Donuts. And although it’s hard to stop at one, please try to resist. We still have maintain those washboard abs.

~Live Healthy. Look Healthy.

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