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Aspire Online Media (AOM)

March 26, 2012

In between covering amazingly fashionable events and interviewing brilliant celebrities, I was lucky to get on the calendar of Ms. N. Renee Webb – CEO of Aspire Online Media.  I met Ms. Webb almost 2 years ago after meeting on, of all places, Facebook. I was just launching my skincare company, and she was establishing the AOM brand. Today, Aspire Online Media has exceeded all expectations and has expanded in scope reaching 18-34 year olds everywhere.

It was the most recent issue of The Imprint that inspired us to reach out to Ms. Webb so that LH2 readers could get a peek into the mind of this genius young woman. In to Out living is our motto and The Imprint embodies this concept to a ‘T’.

How long have you been publishing The Imprint? And where did the inspiration for Aspire Online Media (AOM) come from? 
I have been publishing The IMPRINT since December 2010, which is produced by Aspire Online Media.

The inspiration for Aspire Online Media initially derived from my passion to fill a void for young, forward thinking adults when we first launched in 2008 under Aspire Online Magazine. I wanted to create a platform that would not only inspire young people through candid interviews, but also provide information regarding relevant topics such as careers, entrepreneurship, professional image, health, and finance along with lighter subjects like entertainment and fashion.

Who do you have in mind when you produce The Imprint? Why?
When I publish The IMPRINT I think of all the young people out there seeking a resource for information that will enable them to grow and succeed in life. I truly believe that if we know better we do better, and so I strive to provide the knowledge to help our readers become their best within their homes, workplace and communities.

N. Renee Webb
Photo courtesy Jay L. Young Photography

The current issue of The Imprint speaks to the main platform of LH2 – In to Out living. Can you sum up the AOM way of life?
The AOM way of life is operating in excellence. This means remaining excellent in our character, speech and being mindful of how we handle our business and how we treat our bodies. To become and remain successful, I understand that there are three important components that make us feel a bit more complete – our good health, financial stability and solid relationships. This is what I teach my staff and what I attempt to relay through my company’s various mediums as a whole.

What sets The Imprint apart from other publications?
What sets The IMPRINT apart from other publications is that we focus on young, forward thinking adults who are in line to be the next leaders of our world. We aren’t afraid to tackle content that might be a bit too heavy for some. Being aware of social issues that plague us, or the importance of voting are two examples of what we like to share with our readers. Our goal is to educate while providing those “fun” things that young people are drawn to like fashion and technology. We encourage young people to think about their lives. Are they proud of their current situations? If not, what can they do to be better? The message that we want to send is that once you have pulled your stuff together, you can inspire others while leaving a positive impression upon their lives.

Please give us a snapshot of your vision for AOM.
Ultimately I would like to see young people rely on Aspire Online Media to provide them a roadmap for success. We don’t have all the answers but what we can guarantee is that we want nothing more than abundance and prosperity for our younger generation.

What is your favorite natural beauty indulgence?
Okay, so my favorite natural beauty indulgence is coconut oil. I have been transitioning to my natural hair texture over the past 8 months and coconut oil has aided in keeping it soft and manageable throughout the process. 

And we’re all about being natural!!

For more information on Aspire Online Media check out the following links:

Facebook: Aspire Online Media
Twitter: @AspireOnline
Main Website:
The IMPRINT Magazine:

~Live Healthy. Look Healthy.

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