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Social Media for Breast Cancer Awareness

March 19, 2012

I don’t think anyone can deny the effects of social media and its power to galvanize the world, i.e. Kony 2012. Whether you tweet, Facebook, Tumble, or Pin almost everyone has been touched by social media – and I am no different.

While ‘twittering’ the other night I received a message that said, “My name is Turquoise I own a Non-Profit for Breast Cancer Awareness. I have a very interesting story.” I instantly knew that I wanted to know that story. So I reached out to her and perused her website – very touching . Then I saw the photos of her first campaign, and I was gripped.

Turquoise Johnson is a 24-year old woman, wise beyond her years, on a mission to make breast cancer awareness a 24/7 crusade. After speaking with Ms. Johnson for only a short time, no one can deny the passion and fervor with which she carries out her mission. Please keep reading as Ms. Johnson shares her story.

What inspired the name ‘Hairless For Her Awareness’?
The name just came to me. I remember being very uptight from the passing of my teacher in 2010. The night after she died,  God said “Hairless 4 Her Awareness”.

Photography: Noxie Studio
Editor: Eve Harlowe

Although you do not have cancer, what drives your passion for H4HA?
The women I know that have lost their battle to this illness, and also my passion is promoting awareness of this illness in honor of these women.

How would you like to impact breast cancer awareness? What is the message you want convey?
The message is that Breast Cancer is more than just a walk in NY; cancer is more then the color pink. It is a serious illness that effects all of us.

How did you come up with your present campaign? The photographs are quite provocative.
This current AD campaign came to me just like the name did, from God. I believe that what God gives you is for you. This was the first time I heard anyone call the pictures “Provocative”. But it is okay because the pictures got your attention and the attention of a lot of people. I told people for months that I had a Non-Profit but no one got it until I released these photographs. This shoot was in honor of those women who lost their battle with Breast Cancer, and those who are still battling this illness.

What is your vision for H4HA in the coming year?
Our vision is to continue promoting awareness through our visual AD campaigns. We are now preparing for our new AD campaign, we are planning to launch the photos in July for our 1 year anniversary.

Photography: Noxie Studio
Editor: Eve Harlowe

What do you want people to know about Turquoise Johnson?
I want people to know that my passion in life is to promote awareness and this organization, by any means nescessary. I am a single mother of one, I’m a student, a daughter, and a sister.

We at Live Healthy Look Healthy try to encourage others to live life from the inside out. How do you choose to live?
I choose to also live healthy, after getting sick myself I stopped eating meat. No chicken, beef, or pork just fish only. I still love the occasional carb.(lol)

What is your favorite beauty secret?
I love make-up. I would say my beauty secret is Nicka K. Really affordable make-up but the eye shadows give you the same effect of Mac Eye shadows. Long lasting.

For complete details on Hairless 4 Her Awareness, visit the links below:
Twitter @H4H1


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