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In to Out: West Coast Workout w/ Tammy Stokes

January 16, 2012

The purpose of the In to Out Series is to depict a rounded view of what it means to be healthy and whole. What good does it do us to look absolutely fabulous, yet a garbled mess on the inside? Why eat ourselves into oblivion while ignoring those issues that are eating us? As I receive opportunities to chat with some of the most fascinating people, I am more and more convinced that living life from the inside out is hands down the only way to truly LIVE.

Tammy Stokes of West Coast Workout embodies this ‘in to out’ philosophy to a tee. In her latest book, Live Your Healthiest Life, Tammy states that health is “your mind, body and soul living in harmony, living with zest, energy, and enthusiasm”. After meeting Tammy at the unassuming Arden’s Garden in the Buckhead community of Atlanta, I truly felt that I could live a healthier more productive life – I was inspired. And most assuredly, her friends Cassie and Zakiya were inspired as well. They’d just finished their workouts and looked positively radiant.

What good does it do us to look absolutely fabulous, yet a garbled mess on the inside? Why eat ourselves into oblivion while ignoring those issues that are eating us?

Tammy moved to Atlanta from California, where she worked as a personal trainer to many celebrities, before the ’96 Olympics. During that time, our demure city truly catered to the southern lifestyle – you know, fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, fried bread, etc. etc. etc. One would be hard-pressed to find a health food store or a restaurant that sold more than a veggie burger for those patrons who cared during that time. The West Coast Workout was indeed a much needed addition. So during her transition to business owner, Tammy was an instructor at the Marcus Jewish Community Center in Atlanta. Here she introduced her “No Excuses” philosophy to a city in dire need of an in to out lifestyle.

Then is 2008 Ms. Stokes opened her first West Coast Workout Studio in Sandy Springs, GA and has recently opened her second in Buckhead. Her mantra for fitness is ‘your body is your gym’. Essentially, not being able to get to a gym, not being able to afford a gym, being uncomfortable at a gym, are all no excuses for not getting in that important daily exercise. Tammy’s clients are encouraged that good health is “physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual”. All of these aspects of life must be incorporated in order be deemed ‘healthy’.

Live Your Healthiest Life: A West Coast Approach to Balanced Living is a call to action. I love this book because it clearly describes how to cultivate and grow into our best selves. Every point is distinct and palatable. I mean, how many books do you know of that can be read from cover to cover AND used as a reference? Attractively laid out, Live your Healthiest Life is a collection of life lessons, well thought out meal plans, and workouts that just about anyone can do. The recipes are easy, interesting and delicious. My personal favorite so far is the Rainbow Wrap made with an Ezekiel 4:9 wrap.

As we persevere through this season of reflections and resolutions, I encourage us all to approach our goals from the inside out. Ask yourself these questions: why do I want or need to achieve this? how do I execute my plan (making sure that you create a plan)? who is going to help me or hold me accountable to my goals? and what does success look like? I suggest creating an inspiration board to look at and garner inspiration everyday. And remember…

Live Healthy. Look Healthy.

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