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Hair Health: The Rapunzel Sequel

November 12, 2011
Lahronda Little

In my journey to a better me from inside out, the last piece to my personal puzzle is my hair.  Now let me be clear, it is not my belief that I have ‘arrived’ in any aspect of my life. But I do believe that as we learn, we know more, and therefore, should do better. In the Trichology article, I shared my hair saga and how I got on the path to healthier hair.

The following are a few pearls of haircare that I would like to share and hopefully inspire others to get to the root of their hair issues. Yes, pun intended.

1) Get to know your hair. This actually goes for life in general – know thyself. Learn how your hair responds to certain products, figure out what you REALLY like in terms of styling. We’re not all the same and have varying tastes. Make sure your expectations meet your hair’s capability.
2) Moisturizing your hair does not mean adding oil, it means using water. This could mean washing your hair more often or conditioning more often. Personally, I wet my hair at least once a week. I may or may not use shampoo, it just depends on what I’ve used on my hair that week.
3) I don’t manipulate my hair so much. Over brushing, over combing, over styling compromises your ability to retain length. And even if length is not your goal, the health of your hair is harmed as well. I know it sounds strange, but I only run a comb completely through my hair once a week. I can do this because most of my hairstyles are low maintenance.
4) Heat is damaging no matter if you use it once a week or once a year – even with a heat protectant. Be cautious and know that there is a price for using heat everyday. Indirect heat such as a hooded dryer is better than direct (flat irons, blow dryers).
5) Trimming every 6 weeks is a good rule of thumb IF you tend to use a lot of heat and manipulative styles. The more you handle your hair, the more apt it is to split. Otherwise, know thyself and figure out your own rhythm.
6) Eat well. Healthy hair requires that we take in the proper amounts of vitamins. minerals, fats and proteins.
7) Whenever possible consider the use of natural products. Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil are the best hot oil treatments on the market. Try tea tree oil to treat dandruff.

Last but not least, your hair is an extension of yourself. Embrace it. Love it. Straight, wavy, curly, or kinky; to love it is to take care of it. Just flaunt it baby!

~Live Healthy. Look Healthy.

Lahronda is a mother, wife, and owner of HqO Skincare LLC. She resides in Georgia with her family.

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  1. N. Renee permalink
    November 13, 2011 2:35 pm

    Great info, Lahronda. Four thoughts. Women with hair issues should 1) be patient with their tresses, 2) understand that there is no such thing as ‘bad hair’, 3) don’t allow too many hands to touch their hair and 4) PLEASE avoid hair advice from those who look as though theirs has been deep fried. All hair types can produce fabulous results when handled with care. 🙂


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