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Simple Fitness for Sustained Fitness

November 7, 2011
For the past month I have been a participant in a trial for a new app called the Simple Fitness Tracker. This application, as the name suggests, is simple and clear – visual. The main feature of the SFT is the graph that helps to track activity and weight loss. For the Type A in me, this is an awesome feature. There is something about seeing that weight loss line go down while the miles walked line goes up. That gets my exercise juices flowin’.
The SFT philosophy is to make fitness a daily activity much like eating, sleeping and brushing your teeth. Keeping the fitness routine simple with 3 suggested exercises of push ups, crunches and walking/running makes exercise unintimidating and quite frankly doable. You also have the option to add more activities if you’d like. There is a suggested daily baseline that is appropriate for most people, and you’re encouraged to go above it a few times a week. I followed a plan with 4 workout phases, and you can contact the SFT Team ( if you’d like to try it or get help with your own plan. Despite the simplicity of SFT, one must still consult with a physician before beginning any fitness program.
I have to say that I absolutely loved SFT. Aside from the fact that I’ve lost 8 lbs. over the past 4 weeks, I have also come to look forward to my exercise sessions. I sleep well at night, and my eating habits have improved immensely. I might also add that this didn’t all happen at the same time. By week 3 I truly wanted to maximize my efforts by becoming more nutritionally sound. Fitness is about 75% what we put in our mouths according to Marc Comar of Quick Fitness Solutions.
The Simple Fitness Tracker is an excellent tool for those of us who need to see progress and in turn gain motivation from seeing those line graphs. I will continue to incorporate SFT into my fitness routine and highly recommend it.
~Live Healthy. Look Healthy.
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  1. November 7, 2011 8:17 pm

    Good luck!
    I have an article on how to eat food with no corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup which will keep you thin.

  2. November 8, 2011 2:16 pm

    Thanks Lahronda! I forgot to mention before that I really love the title. What a nice way to sum it all up.


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