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In Good Health

September 14, 2011

I keep saying that I am going to schedule my physical before the end of the year, but due to plain ol’ laziness I have not done it. I am not afraid. I don’t think I have any issues. I’ve been to the doctor this year already, a couple of times in fact, but for other stuff. And that other stuff sent me to the doctor because I was in pain. This is not an example of a good health maintenance plan; it’s sheer laziness.

I will go out on a limb on this to say that many people who do not go to the doctor only don’t go because of the effort it takes to pick up the phone, make the appointment, then drive over  there. Now, fear is a factor in some cases but not all of the time. I would also say that when it comes to other areas of our lives the same holds true – laziness is a killer. Not exercising, not preparing healthy meals at home, not balancing our checkbooks, etc. It’s all connected, from inside to out. Our efforts dictate how our lives go forward.

“But wait! We’re so busy though”, you say. Yes, we’re all busy but where are we going? I think Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Don’t get movement confused with action”. We could be busy going nowhere, busy spinning our wheels, busy moving others forward. Our health, wealth and wellness depends on our actions. Remember, “Faith without works is dead” – literally.

Excuse me while I make this phone call…

~Live Healthy. Live Healthy.
Lahronda  Little

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