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In to Out: A Healthy Spirit

August 4, 2011
A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

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And we’re off! In to Out has started with a bang and we couldn’t be more excited about what we’ve learned on living life from the inside out. The next feature in the In to Out Series will begin August 7th with our cheerleader of nutrition, Marchell of Do It In the Raw; she is our raw foods specialist. We will discuss the parameters in which raw food is prepared and the benefits of incorporating raw nutrition.

All features will be available throughout the series. The heartfelt and discerning interview with Dr. Lisa Rhodes may be accessed below. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback; we love discussion.

*Our intention in this series is to help others to live a whole life in a healthy manner – not to treat any condition.

~Live Healthy. Look Healthy. 

Rev. Dr. Lisa Diane Rhodes
At the lovely home of Dr. Rhodes, eating a comforting bowl of delicious, homemade vegetable-chicken soup (recipe to follow), I sat down to a thought provoking conversation on inner strength and the wellbeing of the human spirit.

For the complete interview, read here…

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