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Laser Hair Removal pt.II

July 27, 2011

Click here for part I
The second appointment ended with pleasing results.  Also, I was less nervous so the process was much easier and hurt a lot less because I knew what to expect.  This time, remembering the small scabs from before, I applied aloe regularly to the area and didn’t experience any thing like I did after the first treatment.  As for the hair growth between treatments, I could tell that the area wasn’t producing as much hair.  At this point, I am a believer in this procedure!

I recently went in for my third appointment which was even easier than the first two, however, because of some travel plans I missed my original appointment date so I was abut a week late for my agreed upon visit every four weeks.  The hair had grown back in by the fifth week, but NOTHING as thick as it was before I began the process.  I went through the treatment for the third time and again I rushed home to see my results.  This time I was a little disappointed because it didn’t look as clear as it did after the first two treatments.  I do wonder if the fact that I waited longer in between treatments has anything to do with it.  I will speak with the technician during my next visit to see what I should have expected.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results.  I do have a place with a little scarring, but I suspect that has more to do with my sensitive skin than much else. Furthermore, I’ll take a little scar over hair any day! Scars can be nice little things to add character, hair just adds a gross factor so its an easy choice for me!  I go for my fourth treatment in august and plan to add a final review at that point. Stay tuned! I will also dig a little deeper into just how much this experience has boosted my confidence (making it well worth the investment).  Until then, stay beautiful and healthy!



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