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1st Timers of Massage Therapy

July 20, 2011

This is an exert from the In to Out Interview with Renel Jenkins, massage therapist for Village Health.

As a client who is new to the therapist, what are some things they should look for or be aware of?

1) Well from the beginning when making an appointment, be aware of how the phone is answered or if you’re walking in, how you’re greeted when you walk in. If they don’t treat you with respect or cater to you, I would not suggest going through with the massage. Because whatever is in the front will carry over to the back.

2) Cleanliness- if the facility is not clean, they are not looking out for the client’s best interest.

3) Once you get back to the room, make sure the therapist asks you about your concerns or any other health issues.

4) And once you start getting the massage, if you’re new, you may not know what a good massage is. But if you’re supposed to be getting a relaxing massage, you should be aware of the flow. Is the therapist fluid in their movement or kind of choppy? If you’re getting deep tissue work, can the therapist balance the pressure of their work against what you can stand? But you also have to communicate.

5) Some therapists may talk through the whole massage, that’s a bad sign. You can’t free your mind so that you can relax. Silence is needed to process what the client has going on personally.

The entire interview will be featured in August.

~Live Healthy. Look Healthy.


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