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What is Keratosis Pilaris

June 23, 2011

HqO Gentle Scrub for KP

Maybe you were giving yourself a onceover out of the shower and saw them. Or you were putting on your favorite lotion and felt them. Perhaps you were with your Squeeze and they said, ‘umm, honey, why is your skin so rough?” Pretty embarassing, I know. I’ve been there. But what are those unsightly, rough, tiny bumps on the arms, legs, thighs or even cheeks? Well, it’s called keratosis pilaris or chicken skin.

Now what in the world is that and what causes it? Basically, chicken skin is a benign skin condition caused by a build up of a protein called keratin. Ever heard the phrase too much of a good thing…? Keratin is great for the hair on your head, but too much of it causes problems. The condition comes through the hair follicle on other parts of the body besides the head and is generally worse in the winter. Unfortunately, there is no cure for keratosis; it can however be controlled. Most doctors recommend treatment with lotions that contain glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid to name a few.

At LH2, we prefer gentle, natural, yet effective treatments that include consistent exfoliation and moisturizing with organic materials. Our favorite products for treating keratosis pilaris are featured at the popular Silicon Valley-based online marketplace, ECOBOLD. “Ecobold makes it as easy as possible to buy and sell organic, natural and non-toxic products.

If you are looking for great products that are organic and appropriate for the entire family, check out the High Quality Organic Skincare line of products. HqO Skincare was birthed out of the founder’s need (Lahronda Little) to treat keratosis pilaris naturally and effectively. After 4 weeks of consistent use of the HqO products, there was marked improvement of the appearance and feel of the chicken skin, much to the Squeeze’s pleasure 😉

General dryness of the skin, eczema, and dry scalp may also be treated with the HqO Premium Body Oil, and you can try it for less than $5 here with coupon code LH11.

If you have any questions regarding this condition, contact

~Live Healthy. Look Healthy.

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