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For Dads and Grads

June 15, 2011

Courtesy of Photostock

With Father’s Day around the corner and recent graduates abound, a lot of us are finding ourselves in a quandary over gift selection. And don’t even mention buying gifts for our beloved, tree-hugging, recycle-masters; they may be the hardest, most difficult to appease. But no worries, we gotcha covered.  Here you will find 10 wonderfully, green presents for the Eco-Conscious man in your life.

Let’s begin:

1)      Save a tree. Subscribe to his favorite magazines for the online editions. Here are a few that are available, Success Magazine, Black Enterprise, or Coco Eco.

2)      Give the Gift for a Cause in your loved one’s name at Check out the Protecting and Restoring the Environment section; there are some phenomenal efforts available to support.

3)      Wine enthusiasts, did you know that there were Organic Wine Vineyards? Might we suggest California Vineyard Robert Hall Winery?

4)      Sustainable Old School Fashion = Hemp Chuck Taylors. Shop on  for these bad boys.

5)       Do you have a secret meteorologist in the house? Get him an Eco Solar Weather Station from It monitors the temperature and humidity.

6)      The Time Piece sprouted from corn, really. With corn, bamboo and other natural components, Sprout ® has created eco-friendly, stylish watches.

7)      iPad, iPhone, iGreen with This west coast company hand-crafts high quality art and iPhone/iPad casings.

8)      Shop haute, green couture at There you find everything from luxurious feeling, post-consumer T’s to posh recycled material slippers.

9)      Green espresso? But of course! has perfectly engineered a chic, power-free espresso machine made of recycled aluminum. Get that man a cup!

Courtesy of Ian Kahn

10)   Now after saving the earth, who wouldn’t need a massage? I recommend the little known secret of Spa Prunifolia at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. But if you want to go a little further, try out Sullivan Estate in Oahu, HI. Mhmm, this one is for the both of you. 

Now doesn’t this beat played out ties and boring attaché cases? Yeah, we thought so too.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you terrific dads; and congratulations to the Top of the Class Graduates.

Live Healthy. Look Healthy.

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