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Oil Talk

April 22, 2011

Let’s chat oils.  Some might ask how in the world a conversation about oil could go anywhere without inducing an extended nap.  Have a seat, take a quick read and find out just how! Its pretty much par for the course to assume that if it is oil, it will moisturize and be a good “ash-away” safeguard or good food for the hair on our noggins.  Well, it doesn’t quite work that way and there are a few things LH2 would like for you to consider when deciding on what will go on and IN that precious body of yours.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil tends to be a favorite of companies manufacturing skin care products. It’s a byproduct of the production of gasoline.  It is probably clear then that with the obvious insane amount of gasoline we consume, that mineral oil is quite abundant.  In fact, ubiquitous would likely be the better adjective to use.  Check out some labels around your house and surprise yourself with how much of it lives with you!  Because of its abundance, the oil is cheap and therefore a close friend to the big guys in skin care.  It also does not spoil easily, if at all. Mineral oil is poorly biodegradable.  That might cause pause with some, because if the earth doesn’t want it back why should the skin want it at all?

Plant-derived Oil

Unlike mineral oil (a petroleum bi-product), a vegetable oil is an agricultural product derived from plants.  Since it is derived from plants, it follows that producers could easily control what substances are blended in it. This is how we get to organic and the typically manufactured vegetable oil.  Much like organic veggies as opposed to “regularly grown” ones. Given the process involved in making vegetable oil, it tends to be more expensive.  In a society driven by keeping companies in the black, one can see how a lack of demand for such a product will drive the price up.

Choosing an Oil

Knowing the differences between these two oils can help one make a comfortable decision when choosing products to moisturize his/her skin.  Though the FDA has long ago approved the use of mineral oil in skin products, consideration of how it is made is wise.  Remember that your skin is permeable and whatever you put on it is going inside. Over time, one might wonder how it is affecting those insides.  Since most people LOVE (at least they are supposed to) eating veggies, why not let the skin love on it too? Afterall, the earth gave it for human consumption anyway!

Now that you are armed with a few gems of knowledge about oils, go forth and be moisturized!  Start a buzz for the veggie oil and bring the prices down.  More veggies for bellies and skin! Yes, it’s a vegetable revolution!

Please feel free to post any questions, points of concern or random thoughts about the different oils discussed.  LHwants to hear from you!


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