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Happy Skin, Happy You, Happy Life

March 31, 2011

The sun has come out to play and has given us a little spring weather.  We all know what that means! Its time to get out and ENJOY it!  We can finally start to unwrap the many layers of clothing we have been buried in over the winter months.  Most of us are anxious to get decorated with some gear that might even show a little skin! Of course, not all of it just an appropriate amount to soak in the sneak peek we are getting of the spring.

These little skin-shows are a good source of motivation to start up the springtime cleaning/rejuvenation of our bodies. Many will add more reps or cardio to their workout routines while others will pay a little more attention to what’s on the dinner plates to have the perfect warm weather bodies.  That’s not enough! What good is that wonderfully sculpted body if it is wrapped in horrible, cracking leather-like skin?  Let’s get prepared by learning a little about that beautiful epidermis! It needs food too, so guess what! HqO  (High Quality Organic Skincare) is going to help you out!  Not only by supplying the organic skin care products you need, but also by going the extra step to equip you with some tools for your head! What kind of tools? The kind of tools that will allow you as a consumer to choose products that are good FOR you. With the rise in products claiming to be organic and straight from the earth, it is likely an excellent idea to be armed with a good Product I.Q.  HqO wants you as fans and users of the products because you know what you are putting on that fabulous body casing of yours and because you know they WILL WORK!  HqO is all about the holistic approach to life and believes that happy skin should be a part of a happy and whole you.

You know what they say –“Knowledge is Power”. As cliché as it is, it’s a real universal truth.  So get ready for a REAL conversation about skin care that is going to give you knowledge, power AND healthy skin!  Those three things sound pretty blissful, huh? Yes, yes! Bliss may have just been packaged in skin care! Stay tuned!

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  1. Ellen permalink
    May 4, 2011 1:44 am

    love that these products are all Organic!

    • May 5, 2011 12:50 am

      Hi Ellen! Thanks for your comment. May we enter you into the contest? We’d love for you to have an opportunity to win 😀

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